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The Real Hardcore Drum&Bass Label

Aural Carnage - the beginning..

This is the Story of a lonely boy who does'nt had left any friends because he had to sell his Flatland BMX Bike
to move to the big city and always did music that the Neighbours never liked. His name is Bazooka.

He had planned to start a Label since some years ago but never really had the chance to begin his dream.
But luckily he had some friends (left) called Amiga Shock Force. They helped him out of his disgraceful situation, because they were friends since years and trusted him and so it all began. Aural Carnage was born and it finally started in 2004.

Bazooka started producing music in 1991 with his (still loved) AMIGA 1200 on Protracker. He always liked the harder sound,
from C-64, ACiD House, Britcore Hip-Hop, Breakbeats, Hardcore over to Jungle, Drum & Bass to Death Metal.
He's still listening to it all. But because he's a DJ as well (since 1994) he liked producing electronic music which can be
banned on Vinyl for the full enjoyment of sound. His first 12" was released in 1995 on Shockwave Recordings.
Later under different psydonums like Aggroman on Mokum/Fukem Records and many more which won't be mentioned here.

1995 - Style -"HARDCORE/GABBER". Fast, brutal distorted sounds. That was nice but already in 1996 Bazooka started
producing Drum & Bass with Death Metal Guitars and cutted Amens. Yeah, well, that name wasn't there at this time but
just to let ya know, Bazooka (or was it Aggroman? ;) ) get into this breaks shit fukkin' early.
1998 - Hardcore scene was getting boring, Tech Step was on it's way and he liked that sound much more than HC.
D&B was just too fuckin' slow so the Pitch on Turntables was always on +8 so because of that it was the only logical
conclusion to produce faster D&B himself and use harder sounds, actually that's what Aural-Carnage Recordings is all about.

However, between producing Hard/Speed Core Tunes and the today Aural Carnage Releases was some time in finding and
creating an own style which is now called: "Real Hardcore Drum & Bass". I hope you enjoyed this story and the AC Releases!

Aural Carnage 07

Bazooka - 'AntiHero' THE Album - May 2011 (Dubstep & Drum'N'Bass)

01: Piss in the Mainstream (Intro)
Super Special Bazooka AntiHero Album Intro for the 1st Album since 15 Years of Bazooka. Incl. Classical Music, C64 Sounds, Mad Basslines, wicked HipHop and Ragga Vox and Big Dubstep Kickin Beats. This introduces how the whole Album will sound and what kind of sounds you will meet during your journey though the whole Album.

02: Ancients (featuring Lisa Gerrard)
An EPIC Tune by Bazooka. Catapult's you back into Ancient times but also into the Dubstep Future of psyched out sounds and mad basslines. Breaks your Eardrums down via crazy Bassy Parts and Breaks. Includes the Haunting Voice of Lisa Gerrard 'the worlds best voice_ in Bazooka's opinion. I hope she would like this Result of 'Remixing' her Voice.

03: Humanoid Kill
8-Bit Humanoid - Electro - Computergame - Soundtrack - aka - back to the Arcade's of the 80's, fused into Dubstep stylee by Bazooka. Synthesized Computer Vocals commands 'DEM ROBOT's to 'Kill the Humanoids'. ;) There's also a Video on YouTube which represents it visually 100% perfect. Humanoid Kill / Pixels Video

04: Gojira
featuring the Japanese Movie Monster that we all love. Gojira aka Godzilla. Merged Bazooka style into a green Dubstep Monster. Big Movie Sounds and nicely chopped up funky drums turns this tune into a big hit. Especially HipHop heads will love it.

05: Bass Invaders
Ode to tha Oldskool Game 'Space Invaders' from TAITO Corp. from 1978 and the Electro, Hip Hop Roots from 1983. Joined together in Bazooka flavour, editied for your Enjoyment. Planet Rock, Don't Stop, like. ;)

06: Ganja Remix (featuring Daddy Freddy)
Ganja Remix by Bazooka. From Daddy Freddy's Tune 'Ganja fi Smoke' taken of his Album 'Hardcore' from 2004 on POT Music. Junglistic Irie D'N'B Tune with heaps of chilled down vibes. A Tune for the Challice Friends.

07: Different Tings (featuring Daddy Freddy)
Dubstep Reggae Tune by Bazooka feat. Daddy Freddy the Raggamuffin Legend on the Vox. This Reggae like Irie Tune is really a Different Ting! Absolutely untypical chilled vibes for the chalice gang again. Smoke up the Weed and me meditate

08: Dynasty V.I.P. Mix
The Han Dynasty was active more than 2200 Years ago. Some SCORES from this ancient Time was left over and played these days by a Chinese Orchestra. This tune was rearranged and transformed into a Dubstep Tune by Bazooka aka Deleta. This is the V.I.P. Mix for the Album. The Original Dynasty Tune was released on Nasdia Records 05 on 12inch Vinyl.

09: Murderah V.I.P. Mix (featuring Bounty Killer)
Ragga Dancehall King Bounty Killer spreads his awesome Voice over this dark mystical Tech Stepper. Done by Bazooka aka Deleta. Original Tune released 2008 on 10inch Vinyl on Sub-Carnage Recordings 01.

10: Push It Up (featuring Daddy Freddy)
Filthy Hardcore Dubstep by Bazooka featuring Daddy Freddy, the Raggamuffin Legend. Heaps of Sickness and Bassline wickedness, Bazooka style. Drills your Mind if you can't handle those vibes. Surely.

11: War Remix (featuring Daddy Freddy)
War remix of the Daddy Freddy song WAR by Bazooka. Original released on Freddy's Album 'Hardcore' from 2004 on POT Music. Wicked Remix which includes sick Basslines and Metal Guitars, merged with Freddys hardcore Vocals are giving this Remix a unique style of Ruffnezz - For the HardHeadZ.

12: Good Day To Die (featuring Dizzee Rascal)
Dizzee Rascal - The last british Hero, in Bazooka's opinion, sung great Lyrics in his song 'Sirens'. This Acapella fused with Death Metal Guitars, Hardcore and Hip Hop Elements was transformed into a Drum'N'Bass Monster -
Bazooka style. Thanx a lot Mr. Dizzee Rascal.

13: Hammer Smashed Bass
Brutal Death Metal Dubstep Smasher by Bazooka. Join in into the Darkest Dubstep you've may ever heard. See if you can handle it. If so, you'll love it. Big up to the Cannibal Corpse for their great Guitars et cetera.

14: S-Killah (V.I.P. Album Mix)
Hardcore D'N'B Metal Meltdown at it's finest. The V.I.P. Album mix of S-Killah will rock your Balls if you have some humor and like it dark. There will be a V.I.P. DJ Mix on the Online release only. This Album Version is ONLY on the CD available. Original mix was released on 12inch Vinyl on Aural-Carnage Recordings 666.

15: Commando 64 (Outro)
The unique Commodore 64 Sound produced via the superb SID Chip aka Sound Interface Device, which is still unmatched till today in the 8-Bit Sound creation, was used to create the Sounds and FX of this 'Commando 64'. This is a classic C64 Style Tune created as an ode to the beloved C64 Computer and all the good Times Bazooka had with it in the late 80's. A Piece of Art you won't be able to compare very often these days at all. Enjoy

Aural Carnage 06

February 2k7. A new Year, a new Record !! No.06 is out, but it's so Evil and Dark that it's better No.06-6-6.
Myspace its taking over the world like ebay and so heaps of new talents can be found on this place via the web. Bazooka found "Pure Disorder"(Hungary) which is a collaboration of 5 ppl and as you see on "Pendulum" and "Noisia" for example, join good ppl and you get a even better result. These ppl do great work and especially on "Vile" which is their Tune's name on ACAR 0666/A. But not enough of a collaboration, someone else started this Tune called "Replicator"(Romania) and then the collaboration was perfect. Stomping Bassdrums and Smashing Snaredrums, combined with Deep pumping Basses and Acid Basslines makes this one a outstanding Tune. Different. Thats what's Aural-Carnage is all about !
Yes, AC is different. "Bazooka" points it out as well with his "Sheep Killer" Tune. Sheep Killer (ACAR 0666/B) is a direct Diss to all those "Hard Wanking" Labels who try to be "so unique" that someone has to get them back to Reality. Don't try to be hard. Do it or Die. Like Bruce Lee once said: "There is no Trying". However. "Bazooka" (the Master of crossing genres) got some Guitars, pushed them to the Peak, Hardcore Bassdrums used in a complex way to seperate his sound from the others. Btw. if you think using HC BD's in DNB is new, listen to all Bazooka Tracks since 1995. HC, you know the Score ;)
However, after Killing sum Sheeps in the Intro it just keeps on killing. If you like it hard and respect sum good work then
THIS is a Record for you and if you think this Text is way too long, yes, but fuck you, THIS is the Aural-Carnage Website :)

Aural Carnage 05

July 2006. BAZOOKA, AC HC D&B mad skill producer stikes again with two wikked Tunes. They contain again, great Orchestral Samples and Metal Elements. (The whole Intro of Shadow sounds like a Movie Soundtrack ;) ) Once again this Intro is worlds ahead from simple'N'cheap 2step D&B Productions which overflows the market. So customer, you're right here if you don't like that shit. However, Fat Basslines and striking distorted NoizeZ enforcing their ways through to your Neocortex and Metal Snares crashin' into you like Bombs. In Born Bred Beaten you will hear another Metal Vocal/Guitar combination crossed with mad driven Snares. Also tight Drums and Distorted HC BD's which sounds like they are just produced to make your Neighbours run away, kicks you off but at the end IT'S ALL GOOD ;) Enjoy this piece of Vinyl.

Aural Carnage 04

This Record is came out in March 2006. Aggroman, you've heard this name before ?? I think so,if you've read this site
proper. Yeah Aggroman, 1996 Vs 2006. 10 years Anniversary Remix E.P. on Aural Carnage 04. These Original Hardcore Tunes
from 1996 got remixed for the D&B Breed of 2006 by none less than Eye-D & DJ Hidden and Bazooka himself. Those Tunes contains lots of the original Sample Material from 1996 like Basses, Orchestral Samples, Guitars, Vocals just quality boosted of course :) "The Darkside of the Moon" is the A-Side of ACAR-04 and it's a Remake by Hidden & Eye-D. We at AC are glad to have those nice dutch guys doing this remix. They are old Label Mates from Aggroman (on Mokum also know as Outside Agency) and they are definitly the right choice to Remix a Hardcore Tune and make it rough! The B-Side, as said before, is remixed by Bazooka and it is called "You are not Ready". (I got styles you can't copy bitch :)).This is a really sick tune which Justin from Counterstrike said should be better send out to a Label for Industrial Bands because "it's a full real Song man" not just a Track. We are honoured to hear this from such an experienced D&B producer who is highly respected by Bazooka. Guess it's a good start and we hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do!.

Aural Carnage 03:

Ist diese Bassdrum korrekt ?? That's what Fast-H asks you on the A-Side of ACAR-03. Bazooka rearranged his legandary
vocals from, when was it 1994? because he feld that the atmosphere around this vocals are still korrekt and so this Real HC
D&B Tune came out of it and its called "Bassdrum Korrekt?". This is Bazookas personal favorite Tune. "I LOVE IT ;)"
Yeah the B-Side. It was formerly done for a Canadian Jungle Label but thru some misunderstandings he kept it for AC and
so "Real Bad Man" was banned on Vinyl on the ACAR-03 B-Side. Bazooka loved Bounty Killers Voice nearly as much as
Freddys and because the original Riddim was'nt proper produced "the Star Wars Imperial March Melody has the wrong pitch
for Bounty's Voice" says Bazooka, he had to remix it to show honour and respect to Bounty Killer and the other great
Dancehall artist like Ward 21, Buju Banton etc. which are featured in the Remix unlike the original Tune.
This is tight ass Ragga Jungle!

Aural Carnage 02:

"Knowledge & Wisdom" is a label?? Maybe but it's the perfect name for Bazookas A-Side on ACAR-02. The haunting Voice
of the Girl which was sampled by FSOL for Papua New Guinea layed her spell on Bazooka and so this Tune started.
"It was a really hard job coz the original tune had triplets 3/3 instead of a standard 4 to the floor rhythm so there was
about 80 vocal pieces which had to be arranged hardly to make it fit into the finally cool oldskoolish flavoured Tune".
Again thats not the sound he wanted for AC but who can say no to such a beauty of Voice ?? NOT THAT BAZ GUY ;)
For the B-Side he found a guy called SuMoNe in the spheres of the www and together with him and a good Friend called
Sahood he constucted that "Flesh of fallen Angels" Tune as COMMANDO & SuMoNe or Sumone & Commando. Whatever.
Commando is the DJ Teams name under which Bazooka & Sahood plays D&B together from time to time.
"We all loved the final Tune" Bazooka says and this Tune just sounds great, like he likes it for his Label.

Aural Carnage 01:

The first Release:

The Idea was to make a different sound than the other Labels, guess therefore some people call AC a Breakcore Label
but it is'nt as you already know. Here are no 200BPM's Tunes alright? So back to ACAR-01.
Bazooka was glad to meet Daddy Freddy the Rough & Rugged Voice of Ragga himself (and a cool funny mate aswell).
The plan for the Record was done quickly and the rest is history as the say. Lots of oldskool Arcade game samples which
influenced Bazooka's childhood a lot, are used on this A-Side Tune called "RuffnezZ". B-Side "Brainbashing" was more the
sound which Bazooka wanted for AC but meeting Freddy was a lucky coincidence which had to be used to the fullest.
It contains lots of differnt chopped Drumloops (like Amens but many different ones) aswell and lots of dark sounds.

Enjoy your stay!